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European Car Exporter – 歐洲汽車出口商

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In our long experience of exporting cars from Europe and USA we have built up a huge database of information, know-how and personal contacts in many countries. This allows us to advise prospective clients of all the fine details and special requirements which they may need in order to finalise a contract.

Complete know-how

Vehicle specifications and requirements vary between countries. The key to the export car business is to ensure that each vehicle is properly specified for its country or ultimate destination, and is accompanied by the correct paperwork to enable registration there.

Complete support

We take care for inland transport , handling and shipping worldwide, By Ro Ro vessel or by container vessel. Every car is personally checked before delivery or shipment. We pride ourselves in looking after our clients long after delivery of their vehicles. This is the reason for our successful growth over two decades in a highly competitive market.


憑藉我們從歐洲和美國出口汽車的長期經驗,我們在許多國家建立了龐大的信息,技術和個人聯繫數據庫。 這使我們能夠為潛在客戶提供他們可能需要的所有細節和特殊要求,以便最終確定合同


車輛規格和要求因國家而異。 出口汽車業務的關鍵是確保每輛車都適合其國家或最終目的地,並附有正確的文書工作,以便在那裡進行登記


我們負責全球的內陸運輸,裝卸和運輸,Ro Ro船或集裝箱船。 每輛車在交付或發貨前都要經過親自檢查。 我們很自豪在交付車輛後很長時間照顧我們的客戶。 這是我們在競爭激烈的市場中成功發展二十年的原因

Our Cars – 我們的汽車

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